Complete Decorative Surfacing

The presentability of your home depends on how much you are willing to invest in making it decorative and visually pleasing. Though DIYs might exist, the perfect way to do the job is through an experienced professional. If you have arrived at our website looking for that, then you’ve come to the right spot. We provide complete decorative surfacing and make sure the end product would suit your aesthetics.

You don’t have to consult various companies for various decorative surfacing styles. Here, at Ferry Contracting, you get the entire decorative surfacing under one roof. We assemble only the best decorative aggregate for your entrances and surroundings. From light and natural grey decorative pebbles to attractive and eye-catching black decorative pebbles, we understand how decorative pebbles landscaping can make one’s house outstanding.

For complete decorative surfacing, you can consider decorative chippings that can be laid in your garden for a scenic finish, as well as decorative shingles that can create a colourful overlay on the garden floors. Decorative gravel of 20mm can be used on your flowerbeds or driveways to bring the final touches to your decorative surfacing

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Resin Decorative Surfacing

Sometimes, you might want a gravel or aggregate finish with a smooth surface. This can be achieved with decorative resin. Decorative resin bound aggregates are the most demanded and popular solutions for driveway decorations in the UK. Resin based paths and driveways have the property of being permeable, slip-resistant, and does not require much maintenance after installation. We install high quality decorative resin-bound surfacing suitable to your home aesthetic.

Resin-based driveways and patios give your outdoor living space a unique appearance that looks consistent and neat. With Ferry Contracting, you get to experience the best hands-on installers who can advise you on your decorative designing and assign you to lay resin bound gravel or aggregate accordingly. If you are looking for resin driveway specialists to decorate your outdoors yet require the process and result to be hassle-free, we recommend you try resin bound surfacing for your patios and driveways. Resin-bound surfacing is prepared by mixing resin and aggregates or gravel to get a perfect consistency. Then we lay it out perfectly to match your aesthetic.

At Ferry Contracting, we offer high-quality decorative resin-bound driveway and patio designs at your affordability. We employ only our professional team of installers to plan your driveway and patio decorative surfacing alongside you and deliver a seamless ‘stone carpet’ that shines outdoors.

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Decorative Block Paving

Driveway Block Pavement

To give the best first impression of your home to outsiders is a key goal for many, and the first step to achieving that is to make your pavement decorative. Decorative block paving is in high demand these days. Decorative paving involves concrete that makes them aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to walk on. Decorative block paving is done by positioning bricks individually along the pavement, creating an artistic brick chain. To achieve this look, we employ our expert pavers who can help you decide the decorative material of the pavement and lay it in the shortest time at an affordable rate.

At Ferry Contracting, we serve to install decorative paving stones and block paving that can be well-maintained after installation. Our professionals are willing to understand your plan and guide you through the process of decorative paving. We also make decorative paver stones arrangements that are visually appealing and give it a natural finish. We make sure to decorate your pavement no matter the size and commission it according to your budget, making it lucrative for you.

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Decorative Patio Surfacing

A well-decorated patio gives the added advantage to your outdoor experience. Decorative patios stones are used to create a more lively and presentable outdoor space during gatherings. If you are inexperienced in this field, utilising our reliable experts can be beneficial to you.

Our professionals are experienced in designing and laying decorative patio stones with naturist decorations. You could also install pebble resin to your patio decoration to give it the mosaic touch and a good impression of creative beauty. If you wish to add an aesthetic that is not affected by weather, we recommend you try a decorative cement patio.

We arrange a decorative cement patio that minimises after-maintenance. And if it is for a more smooth finish with a hint of stonework, then gravel resin patio decoration would suit your taste better. Its polished surface gives a distinctive texture matching its surrounding. If you are looking for glassy and colourful decorative patios, then decorative resin stone gives an even and vibrant result.

Driveway Decorative Surfacing

Driveways not only require being smooth but also decorative. Decorative driveways are highly in demand because they can boost the home’s curb appeal in your neighbourhood. Decorative concrete driveways with stencil markings to create design are mostly preferred by homeowners because it is decorative and has a good traction surface. If you might be worried about the decorative driveway cost, then rest assured that we, at Ferry Contracting, provide pocket-friendly decorative driveway solutions to surfacing problems. We install decorative driveways that don’t wear or stain for a long time.

Since resin surfacing goes well in pavements and patios, you might wonder if it is an option for a driveway. The best decorative resin driveways are permeable and are slip-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about low-tyre friction or accidents. Resin pebble driveway gives it a warm appearance and also has the advantage of being durable without requiring maintenance for a long time. We also recommend resin-bound surfacing on your driveway to make it get along with the overall vision of your home and add an exterior impression as well.

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